Annette Hammond

A leader in the fitness industry in Dallas, Texas for over 3 decades as a private trainer, public speaker and radio host.

About Annette

Annette has appeared on FOX and ABC television several times and has been featured in newspapers and nationwide publications.

She is the host of “Fitness Minute with Annette Hammond”, a popular daily radio feature inspiring, motivating and educating listeners to exercise, eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. It is broadcast across the US and around the world multiple times every day.

Personally Fit LLC

Annette takes a fresh approach to online fitness. She has mastered the ultimate personal experience – LIVE to wherever your life is happening.

Virtual Online Classes

Annette has built her own successful consulting and private training company called “Personally Fit LLC”. Her confidential list of clients includes many famous and influential people. Several of her clients have worked with her for more than 35 years, a benchmark of loyal service and unmatched in the private training business.


As a sought-after public speaker, Annette is in demand nationally and internationally. She speaks at hospitals, church groups, private schools, Women’s seminars, corporations and military bases abroad. Her topics range from “Finding Time to Exercise in Your Busy Day”, to “Promoting Health and Fitness in the Lives of Our Children”, to “Creating the Body You Desire Through Targeted Exercise and Eating”, to “Reversing the Trend of Obesity in our Families and our Country”.


“Fitness Minute with Annette Hammond” (a Personally Fit LLC company) is a fast-growing, highly successful popular radio feature that inspires, motivates and educates listeners to exercise, eat well and live a healthy lifestyle. It is broadcast across the world into 175 countries on the American Forces Radio Network. It is also aired on KEOM radio 88.5FM in Dallas, Texas multiple times per day/7 days a week and on radio stations across the United States.


She is the mother of four children and has been happily married for over 39 years. Annette has devoted her life to helping adults and children stay fit, healthy and well.


The American Forces Network presented Annette with a prestigious AFN Unit Coin for her unwavering support of our U.S. heroes in uniform. Annette produces AFN’s “Fitness Minute with Annette Hammond,” which is heard by service-members and their families around the world on AFN Radio in 180 countries and on every U.S. ship at sea.


She has been endorsed for her fitness knowledge and speaking seminars by the top professionals in her field.

As a person who has dedicated his life to promoting fitness and wellness, I have met many professionals in this field. Without question, Annette Hammond is one of the finest and most dynamic. She is highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and an eloquent speaker. I have no reservation about recommending Annette for one of your programs. She is not only a beautiful example of a life of fitness, but has been highly successful in motivating others to follow her example.”

– Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Contact Annette

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