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As a person who has dedicated his life to promoting fitness and wellness, I have met many professionals in this field. Without question, Annette Hammond is one of the finest and most dynamic. She is highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and an eloquent speaker. I have no reservation about recommending Annette for one of your programs. She is not only a beautiful example of a life of fitness, but has been highly successful in motivating others to follow her example.

Dr. Kenneth Cooper

Founder, The Cooper Institute

It is my privilege to highly recommend Annette Hammond … My wife and I have known Annette and her family for over twenty-five years and can vouch for her integrity and character. In the years we have known her she has conducted an exercise class three times a week for my wife and her friends. She is always enthusiastic and creative in her teaching and is entirely professional. She keeps in touch with the current innovations and thinking regarding health and exercise. My wife and I will always be grateful for the health benefits we have received and for knowing such a lovely young woman.

H. Ross Perot

As a 22-year Army veteran and father of three, I can personally say that Annette’s fitness expertise and instruction is unequivocally on target and beneficial to both our military personnel and their family members. As the director of the American Forces Radio Network Worldwide, heard by our troops serving in more than 175 countries worldwide, I’m delighted to report that feedback I receive reflects an equal appreciation for Annette’s instruction and encouragement. She’s a positive role model for all and we’re fortunate to have her in our very solid radio lineup.

Jef Reilly

Director, American Forces Radio Network Worldwide

Annette is such an energetic and positive person. Her energy is admired. Her experience and knowledge go a long way when determining and configuring television segments. She continually generates new ideas and is flexible to roll with changes. She is always a pleasure to work with.

Melinda Thomas

Producer, KDFW - FOX 4 Good Day

I have worked with Annette for over 25 years and what sets her apart is her enthusiasm is contagious and her exuberant personality lights up a room. I have served as an advocate for children on the Texas State Board of Education since 1984 and I am impressed with her mission and commitment to fight childhood obesity in our nation. She enriches and enhances the lives of others by teaching and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I highly endorse Annette!

Geraldine (Tincy) Miller

Texas State Board of Education

Annette is well-known and respected in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for her success as a fitness expert and we are thrilled to broadcast “Fitness Minute with Annette Hammond”. You can tell she enjoys what she does and her practical knowledge regarding exercise, weight loss, nutrition and health are unsurpassed. She is delightful to work with and the response from our listeners is excellent!

Peggy Brooks

Station Manager, KEOM Radio 88.5FM

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